Relvas Bettencourt, Joao

Universidad o Centro de Investigación: University of Porto  

Departamento, unidad o laboratorio: IBMC - Instituto de Biologia Molecular e Celular  

Dirección postal: Glial Cell Biology
IBMC - Instituto de Biologia Molecular e Celular
University of Porto

Código postal: 4150-180  

País: Portugal  

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+351 226 074 925 (lab)  

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Linea(s) de investigación

The role of integrin and RhoGTPase signaling in Central and Peripheral nervous system myelination and remyelination.

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Selected publications (2006-present)

Laurent Cotter, Murat Özçelik, Claire Jacob, Jorge A. Pereira, Veronica Locher, Reto Baumann, João B. Relvas, Ueli Suter and Nicolas Tricaud (2010) Dlg1-PTEN Interaction Regulates Myelin Thickness to Prevent Damaging Peripheral Nerve Overmyelination. Science 328:1415-8

Özçelik, M., Jacob, C., Pereira, JA., Relvas, J.B., Suter, U., Tricaud, N. (2010) Pals1 is a major regulator of the epithelial-like polarization and the extension of the myelin sheath in peripheral nerves. Journal of Neuroscience 30:4120-4131.

Ana Filipa Gonçalves, Nuno G. Dias, Martijn Moransard, Ricardo Correia, Jorge A. Pereira, Walter Witke, Ueli Suter and João B. Relvas (2010). Gelsolin is required for macrophage recruitment during remyelination of the Peripheral Nervous System . Glia 58: 706-715.

Pereira, J.A., Benninger Y., Baumann,, R., Gonçalves, A.F., Özçelik, M., Thurnherr,, T., Tricaud, N., Meijer, D., Fässler, R., Suter, U., Relvas, J.B. (2009). ILK is required for radial sorting of axons and Schwann cell myelination in the Peripheral Nervous System. The Journal of Cell Biology 185:147-61.

Fuchs, S., Herzog, D., Sumara, G., Büchmann-Moller, S., Civenni, G., Wu, X., Chrostek-Grashoff, A., Suter, U., Relvas, J.B., Brakebusch, C., Sommer, L. (2009). Stage-specific control of neural crest stem cell proliferation by small Rho GTPases. Cell Stem Cell 4:236-247.
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Benninger, Y., Thurnherr,T., Pereira, J., Krause, S., Xunwei, W., Chrostek, A., Herzog, D., Nave, K.A., Franklin, R., Meijer, D., Brakebusch., C., Suter, U., Relvas, J.B. (2007). Essential and distinct roles for cdc42 and rac1 in the regulation of Schwann cell biology during PNS development. The Journal of Cell Biology 177:1051-1061.
See also commentary: Chan, J.R. (2007). Myelination: all about Rac 'n' roll. The Journal of Cell Biology: 177:953-5. and Whalley, K. (2007). It's a wrap. Nature reviews Neuroscience 8:572

Stendel, C., Roos, A., Deconinck, T., Pereira, J., Castagner, F., Niemann, A., Kirschner, J., Korinthenberg, R., Battaloglu, E., Parman, Y., Nicholson, G., Ouvrier, R., Seeger, J., De Jonghe, P., Weis, J., Krüttgen, A., Rudnik-Schöneborn, S., Bergmann, C., Suter, U., Zerres, K., Timmerman, V., Relvas, J.B., Senderek, J. (2007) Peripheral nerve demyelination caused by a mutant Rho GTPase guanine nucleotide exchange factor, frabin/FGD4. American Journal of Human Genetics 81:158-164.

Thurnherr,T., Benninger, Y., Xunwei, W., Chrostek, A., Krause, S., Nave, K.A., Franklin, R., Brakebusch., C., Suter, U., Relvas, J.B. (2006). Cdc42 and rac1 signaling are both required for and act synergistically in the correct formation of myelin sheaths in the central nervous system. Journal of Neuroscience, 26:10110-9. (featured article)
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Benninger, Y., Colognato H., Thurnherr,T., Franklin, R., Leone, D.P., Atanasoski, S., Nave, K.A., ffrench-Constant, C., Suter, U., Relvas, J.B. (2006). Beta 1 integrin signaling mediates premyelinating oligodendrocyte survival but is not necessary for central nervous system myelination and remyelination. Journal of Neuroscience, 26:7665-73.
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Técnicas y modelos

Gene ablation and Tissue specific conditional gene ablation in mice

in vitro myelination cultures

transfection of primary cultures using lentivirus and non-viral expression vectors

Biochemistry of proteins (including proteomics and interactomics)


Optical and electron microscopy

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