Achaval Elena, Matilde

Universidad o Centro de Investigación: Universidad Federal de Rio Grande do Sul  

Departamento, unidad o laboratorio: Ciencias básicas de la salut  

Dirección postal: Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Instituto de Ciências Básicas da Saúde, Conselho do Instituto de Ciências Básicas da Saúde.
Rua Sarmento Leite, 500  

Código postal: 90046-900  

País: Brasil  

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+51 3163624  

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Histology of Nervous System

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Publicaciones más relevantes

Morphological changes in hippocampal astrocytes induced by environmental enrichment in mice.
Viola GG, Rodrigues L, Américo JC, Hansel G, Vargas RS, Biasibetti R, Swarowsky A, Gonçalves CA, Xavier LL, Achaval M, Souza DO, Amaral OB.
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Skilled forelimb reaching in Wistar rats: evaluation by means of Montoya staircase test.
Pagnussat Ade S, Michaelsen SM, Achaval M, Netto CA.
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Dendritic spine density of posterodorsal medial amygdala neurons can be affected by gonadectomy and sex steroid manipulations in adult rats: a Golgi study.
de Castilhos J, Forti CD, Achaval M, Rasia-Filho AA.
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Beneficial effects of treadmill training in a cerebral palsy-like rodent model: walking pattern and soleus quantitative histology.
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Brain Res. 2008, 1222:129-40.

Dendritic branching features of Golgi-impregnated neurons from the "ventral" medial amygdala subnuclei of adult male and female rats.
Dall'Oglio A, Gehlen G, Achaval M, Rasia-Filho AA.
Neurosci Lett. 2008, 439:287-92.

Early enriched housing results in partial recovery of memory deficits in female, but not in male, rats after neonatal hypoxia-ischemia.
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Endurance and resistance exercise training programs elicit specific effects on sciatic nerve regeneration after experimental traumatic lesion in rats.
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Evaluation of estrogen neuroprotective effect on nigrostriatal dopaminergic neurons following 6-hydroxydopamine injection into the substantia nigra pars compacta or the medial forebrain bundle.
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An ultrastructural study of cell death in the CA1 pyramidal field of the hippocapmus in rats submitted to transient global ischemia followed by reperfusion.
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Capsaicin-induced avoidance behavior in the terrestrial Gastropoda Megalobulimus abbreviatus: evidence for TRPV-1 signaling and opioid modulation in response to chemical noxious stimuli.
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Neurobiol Learn Mem. 2007, 87:101-8.

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