Gottfried, Carmem

Universidad o Centro de Investigación: Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul- UFRGS  

Departamento, unidad o laboratorio: Bioquímica  

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Código postal: 90035003  

País: Brasil  

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Linea(s) de investigación

1. Autism spectrum
2. Natural drugs and neuroprotection
3. Peripheral receptors and neuroimmunomodulation

Miembros del grupo

Nombre: Tamara Vaccaro  

Nombre: Roberta Silvestrin  

Nombre: Victorio Bambini-Junior  

Nombre: Renata Abib  

Nombre: Laura Stertz  

Publicaciones más relevantes

Caloric restriction increases hippocampal glutamate uptake and glutamine synthetase ACTIVITY in wistar rats.
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Gap junction inhibitors modulate S100B secretion in astrocyte cultures and acute hippocampal slices.
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S100B Secretion in Acute Brain Slices: Modulation by Extracellular Levels of Ca(2 ) and K ( ).
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Astroglial and cognitive effects of chronic cerebral hypoperfusion in the rat.
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S100B secretion is stimulated by IL-1beta in glial cultures and hippocampal slices of rats: Likely involvement of MAPK pathway.
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Resveratrol inhibits cell growth by inducing cell cycle arrest in activated hepatic stellate cells.
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Effect of the atypical neuroleptic risperidone on morphology and S100B secretion in C6 astroglial lineage cells.
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A simple, sensitive and widely applicable ELISA for S100B: Methodological features of the measurement of this glial protein.
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Branched-chain amino acids accumulating in maple syrup urine disease induce morphological alterations in C6 glioma cells probably through reactive species.
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J Psychiatr Res. 2007, 41:523-9.

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